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Store Open

dot bianco is pleased to announce the opening of our online shopping site dot bianco.tokyo today.

For the past 6 years since we started our corporate BUYMA SHOP as carciofi_buyer, we have had many customers who have loved our products and our total sales have exceeded $2,459,867.
We will start by selling pre-purchased items, and in the future, we will purchase overseas stock and sell hard-to-find items on pre-order.

In celebration of the store's opening, we will be issuing a 10% off coupon for customers who have registered for an account for a limited time starting today!

Along with the opening of the online store, we have also opened a new instagram account, dotbianco_magazine, and a YouTube account in addition to our existing instagram account, dotbianco.

On these two instagram accounts, we will be distributing coupons only to our followers, and on Youtube, we will be updating movies introducing our new products, so please follow us and subscribe to our channel.

We will also continue to operate the BUYMA SHOP in parallel with the ONLINE SHOP.
Thank you for your continued support of dot bianco.tokyo

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