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Popular 5AC micro shoulder bag updated in 2021FW

5AC has been loved as Margiela's icon bag for a long time.
In particular, the popular 5AC micro has been difficult to obtain for a long time.
We will introduce some of the specifications of such a popular bag for 2021-2022FW.
By the way, we have a few items in stock because we have successfully purchased the black one.

As shown in the first image, the basic silhouette and style will not change.
What has changed is the lining fabric that can be pulled out.
The previous S56WG0081P0396 is on the right side of the above image, and the S56WG0081P4348 deployed from 2021-2022FW is on the left side of the image.

For P0396, the lining fabric is made of nylon.
Because it uses nylon fabric, the city feeling is increasing.

The fabric of P4348, which will be available from 2021-2022FW, has been updated to canvas. Because it is made of canvas, it has a high-class feeling without losing the original fashion difference. In addition, I think that the durability improves and can use it habitually for a long time.

Due to this change, the P0396 nylon model that has been deployed before will be priced at \214,500.
The new canvas model P4348 is 228,800 yen.
and slightly higher.
However, considering the increase in luxury and durability, we definitely recommend the new S56WG0081P4348.

Such a difficult-to-obtain black color S56WG0081P4348 is available in limited quantities as a speed delivery item. White color can also be arranged from overseas stock. In addition, the beige color of the nylon model is a Clearance Sale item. An additional 20% off the current price in your cart.
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