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PRADA's long-awaited dog items, which are sold out at domestic retail stores, have arrived

PRADA's stylish dog items Sold out items arrived at domestic retail stores

The long-awaited dog item has been released from Prada this season.
A hard-to-find item that has sold out in a blink of an eye at domestic retail stores.
Collar, harness bag, leash, all 3 items are available.

The harness has adjustable straps around the left and right arms, chest, and stomach, so you can make it fit perfectly. It also comes with a dog bag so you can conveniently store dust packs. Made of nylon, it is resistant to water and dirt and is safe.

The collar is mainly made of nylon, and the strap hole is made of leather for a secure fit.
A very cute design with a PRADA triangle charm attached to the ring to which the lead is attached.

The leash comes with a nylon pouch that can be used to store dust packs and snacks.
It is convenient because it can be removed when not needed. The pouch has a standard triangle logo plate for a cute finish. Made of Prada nylon, it is extremely durable.

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