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Take this opportunity to use an all-season bag that can be used in summer!

The hot days are still continuing, but why not get a new bag that can be used all year round in the summer season when there are more opportunities to go out?

A point function has also been released and 3% or 6% of the purchase amount will be returned, so members can shop more profitably than ever before. DOTBIANCOTOKYO for members who have not yet purchased If you use the coupon code, you can get 10% OFF for the first time! Second and subsequent members can also use the privilege points given according to the cumulative purchase amount in addition to the 1000 points distributed.

Furthermore, if you use smartpay, you can pay in 3 installments with no installment fees if you have a credit card. What's more, we are currently giving out 2000 yen OFF to the first 50 customers with the promotion code SMTPYDTBC that can be used with smartpay, so you can do double shopping.

Even if you can't usually buy a bag at a price, you can buy it at our shop at a better price than at our directly managed store, regardless of whether it is a new product or a popular model. We will introduce items carefully selected by buyers that can be used regardless of gender and season, so please check them out.


CHLOE TESS Grained Calfskin Small Day Bag TAN

Chloe's Tess is a popular model at directly managed stores, so it's basically not on sale, but you can buy it at a super special price of 56% off because you bought last year's SS arrival.
The dark tan color is often thought of as an autumn/winter color, but it goes well with denim, so it can be used all year round. Since it is a day bag, it has enough capacity for going out with a computer. It has a long hand strap as well as a shoulder strap.

¥267,300 ▶ ¥116,000 56% OFF
3% 3480P reduction

Check CHLOE's TESS ✅

Pants worn by model ▶ MM6 Jeans

JW Anderson Cap Bag

JW ANDERSON Midi Cap Shoulder Bag PECAN

JW Anderson's cap bag is a shoulder bag that accents your outfit. It is a popular bag for men, women, and genders because it is large enough to hold a smartphone, a compact wallet, and other small items. It looks cool when paired with black pants such as faux leather.

¥83,500 ▶ ¥59,000 28% OFF
In case of 3% 1770P reduction

Check out JW ANDERSON's Cap Bag ✅

Pants worn by the model▶ MM6 Faux Leather Pants

Prada Nappa Leather Tote BagSold Out

Prada recently introduced an overseas exclusive basket bag that is perfect for this season.
This article

Apart from that, this time we will introduce two bags that can be used in all seasons and regardless of gender .

The models below are all sold out, so we will introduce a basket bag and a bag that can be used regardless of gender. PRADA 1BG408 Nappa Leather Tote Bag BLACK

Nappa leather midi tote shoulder bag with a triangle pouch, which is also an overseas limited model. A bag with a simple all black color and a triangular pouch that accents your outfit. The top has a zipper closure and is 36 cm wide and 38 cm long, so it can hold tablets, PCs, and notebooks, making it extremely practical in terms of size. A sense of fashion will be improved even if men wear it as a cross body.

¥286,000 ▶ ¥199,800 30% OFF →Sold out
3% 5994P reduction

Check out Prada's Midi Tote Bag✅

Pants worn by the model▶ MM6 Jeans

PRADA Wicker and Canvas Bucket Bag

PRADA 1BE062 Wicker and Canvas Bucket Bag Prada basket bag

Prada's overseas limited basket bag that I introduced the other day. A bucket silhouette that is easy to wear because it is sized to fit a plastic bottle. The strap is a wide canvas strap, so you won't get tired even if you go out for a little longer. It's even cheaper than last time.

¥275,000 → ¥228,000 16% OFF
3% 6849P reduction

Check out the Prada Basket Bag ✅

PRADA Saffiano Leather Mini Tote Bag

PRADA 1BA333 Logo Plate Saffiano Leather Shoulder Bag BLACK

PRADA 1BA333 Logo Plate Saffiano Leather Shoulder Bag BLACK

The last is Prada's saffiano leather mini tote bag that arrived in 2022SS. The perfect size for today's outings that can hold your wallet, smartphone, and other small items. You can use it for a long time because it is leather with a scratch-resistant embossed surface. The simple and minimal design makes it easy to match with any outfit and is sturdy enough to be the first choice for everyday use.

¥275,000 → ¥239,200 13% OFF
3% 7176P reduction

Check out Prada's Saffiano Leather Mini Tote Bag✅

How was that. We only have one item in stock, so if there is something you want, please consider it as soon as possible. Also, please check the shop blog below for the point start campaign and smartpay campaign.
About point campaign

About smartpay campaign

In addition, Maison Margiela, Jil Sander, Dolce&Gabban, Tom Wood, etc. have many new arrivals. We have a great selection of items, so please check them out here.


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