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About the abolition of the PRADA guarantee card

Prada's Plastic Authentic Card (Guarantee Card) Will Be Discontinued at Last.

Prada bags and accessories used to come with the following plastic card, but it seems that this card will be discontinued. Prada has been focusing on SDG's in recent years, replacing nylon products with recycled nylon. In order to reduce the amount of plastic, most of the guarantee cards will also be discontinued and replaced with IC tags. Starting last year, Prada silver accessories were enclosed with a blue paper card. I believe that this card will be used for jewelry and other items that cannot contain IC tags, but bags and accessories will no longer come with a guarantee card. (Clothes and shoes did not originally come with a guarantee card.)

PRADA's previous plastic Authentic Card

■The new paper Authentic Card

The verification by IC tag will be changed.

The guarantee card has already been discontinued for the 2023SS items and will be replaced by the IC tag, which has been integrated into clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. The IC tag will be embedded in clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories, and a card stating that the IC tag (RFID) is embedded in the item is enclosed. This is a form of verification of the authenticity of the product. This seems to be a common encryption technology for luxury brands developed jointly by LVMH, Cartier, Mercedes Benz, etc., together with the Prada Group. For more information, please refer to the following press release from Prada Group.


If you have a smartphone, try holding it up alongside your Prada accessories or bag. The IC tag will react somewhere and display a 16-digit alphanumeric code. This code will be used to check if the item is genuine or not at the store.

With the evolution of this kind of encryption technology, the time has come when you can change even parallel imports with no worries. Please try it out with your Prada items.

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※Prada's Plastic Authentic Card (Guarantee Card) Will Be Discontinued at Last.

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