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Opportunity to own the alluring Dries Van Noten

Dries Van Noten, which is rarely sold online, will be delivered at a sale price.

Dries Van Noten Sale

Dries Van Noten is a very difficult brand to buy online because online sales are controlled by the brand. Hats off to the attitude of sticking to this policy even though there are many people looking for it. In addition, there are many items that are not available in Japan, but our shop purchases and sells selected products from overseas, so it is possible to handle them online. This time, we will introduce recommended items, mainly for women, from the items during the stock clearance sale.

Dries Van Noten TAIWAN fur trim wool knit sweater

Dries Van Noten TAIWAN Fur Knit Sweater 2120112193702305


2021FW fur-trimmed wool sweater.
The fur trim series was especially popular among the autumn and winter Doris.
Some people may have missed it.
The trendy pastel color makes it perfect for spring.
Oversized fit. Only one XS size.

Dries Van Noten HANSENS fur-trimmed sweatpants

Dries Van Noten HANSENS Fur Cotton Sweat Pants 2120111163612813


This is also a popular 2021FW fur-trimmed sweatpants.
High-waisted long silhouette. The side of the hem is open, so it is sure to be useful in spring and summer.
Only one XS size. Waist size is 65~83cm.

Dries Van Noten x Len Lye Palaco viscose print wide leg trousers

Dries Van Noten x Len Lye Palaco Print wide-leg trousers

¥121,000 → ¥54,000 55% OFF

Palaco wide pants with a loose silhouette and high waist made of soft material that are available every season. This model is a print inspired by a film by New Zealand artist Len Lye.
It is a texture that will be active in spring and summer.
36 size only. Waist size is 67~80cm.

Dries Van Noten x Mika Ninagawa HABSPRINTMIKA T-shirt

Dries Van Noten x Mika Ninagawa HABSPRINTMIKA T-Shirt WHITE HABSPRINTMIKA9612001

Dries Van Noten x Mika Ninagawa HABSPRINTMIKA T-Shirt BLACK HABSPRINTMIKA9612900


A printed T-shirt with a motif of Mika Ninagawa's photo that was developed in 2021SS. It was developed genderless and was developed as a regular fit for men and a loose fit for women. Only one black M size and one white S stock.

Dries Van Noten Sarean Bis Print pleated skirt

Dries Van Noten Sarean Bis Print Pleated Skirt 0108384093503


The inventory clearance sale is also applicable to 2022SS items.
Popular pleated skirt Sarean sold out every season. This term is also a vivid print like Dries Van Noten. Items that are difficult to obtain in Japan.
38 size only. Waist size is 75cm.
Please check it out.

We have several items in stock other than the above items. Please check it out from the link below.

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