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Recent anti-counterfeiting measures and identification methods for brand-name products

Ladies and gentlemen, the most worrisome thing about online shopping is, after all, whether or not the product is genuine. I think that this is the biggest question that customers have at our shop. Of course, our shop only sells genuine products,
With the development of technology, many high-end brands have become able to confirm that the product is genuine by reading the serial code embedded in the NFC tag or square code with a smartphone. In the future, I think that even more robust anti-counterfeiting measures will be developed by combining blockchain technology. Therefore, the super copy that only imitates the appearance has already become a nonsense era. This is because you can immediately determine whether the product you have at hand is genuine or counterfeit.
This time, we will introduce what kind of technology each brand has adopted as of September 2021. If the purchased item does not have such a thing, I think that it is okay to suspect a counterfeit. This time, we will only touch on PRADA, VALENTINO, VERSACE, OFFWHITE, and MONCLER, but we will introduce the details of each brand in blog posts, Instagram, and YOUTUBE at a later date. Also, other brands will be uploaded as soon as the article is ready.


Prada incorporates RFID, square code.
Bags and wallets are sewn on the side of the main body, and accessories and clothes are sewn with tags. A serial code will be displayed if you hold an NFC-equipped smartphone directly over the bag. This is a mechanism that you can tell if it is genuine if you bring it to a directly managed store and read it. All these codes are assigned individually, so any product other than the registered code is a fake. This NFC tag is a powerful mechanism to suppress counterfeits.


Valentino also incorporates RFID, square code.
Bags and wallets are sewn on the side of the main body, and accessories and clothes are sewn with tags. Valentino seems to be preparing a more in-depth response to counterfeiting by joining hands with a venture called 1trueid in Italy, which provides a mechanism to guarantee genuine products by combining NFC tags and blockchain technology. A unique serial code is embedded in the NFC tag, which can be verified as a genuine Valentino product by downloading the 1trueid app with a smartphone and scanning it. Or you can check it by bringing it to a retail store. In the future, it will be possible to check it on Valentino's site and app.


Versace has incorporated RFID, square code, and can be verified on Versace's website. Bags and accessories come with an attached authentic card, which has an NFC tag and square code embedded. Garments are sewn on with laundry tags etc. like any other brand. If you hold your smartphone over this, the site authentic.versace.com will open in your browser. Then, if you enter your name, email address, phone number, and where you got it, you will see whether it is genuine or not.


Off-White incorporates a square code, and by scanning it, you will be connected to the Off-White dedicated page of the authenticity confirmation service called CERTILOGO, and you can confirm and register. Basically, a tag with a square code and an RFID sticker is attached along with a laundry tag. However, the RFID seal is not working at the moment, and you can check it with the square code. As off-white became popular, many imitations were created, and the registration confirmation system was established. When you scan the square code, the CERTILOGO off-white page will be displayed in your browser and the registration process will begin. By registering the place of purchase and e-mail address, it will be displayed whether it is genuine or not.


Moncler has adopted a square code, which when scanned will bring you to the Moncler registration site called code.moncler.com. This is also basically a laundry tag with a hologram sticker and a tag with a square code sewn on it. Since imitations of Moncler are rampant, a system for registering genuine products has been established. When you read the square code, the regular product registration site will be displayed in your browser. Enter your name, email address, mobile phone number and password to create an account. After that, if you enter the serial code under the square code, you can check whether the product is genuine and complete the registration. If you read the square code and open the site, the serial code has already been entered, so just press the send button and the registration will be completed.

The time has come when you can shop with peace of mind with advanced anti-counterfeiting measures

How was that. I will introduce the details of each brand's methods in the next installment, but we can see a future in which counterfeits and counterfeits are gradually eradicated through the efforts of high-end brands. And even in the current situation, if you have knowledge, you can distinguish fakes by yourself. Please check it when you receive your purchase.
Of course, we guarantee that the items in our shop are genuine, but our buyers and staff with the above knowledge thoroughly check the items before purchasing, so you can shop with peace of mind. Please feel free to use it in the future.

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