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OFF-WHITE diagonal and industrial enduring appeal

Off-White created a big trend in Japan where Virgil Abloh passed away last year. It also had a major impact on major brands, making oversized wear popular and greatly increasing fashion options.
In addition, accessories that incorporate the style of READY MADE, which extracts and applies iconic items from everyday life, still have a hidden charm that does not fade.
This time, I bought some items that incorporate the diagonal and industrial belts that can be said to be the origin of Virgil Abloh, so I will introduce them.


¥102,300 → ¥83,000 18% off


A classic camera bag with a diagonal print body and two types of straps: a shoulder strap and a belt strap.




Diagonal's fashionable feeling Clutch pouch that doesn't need a wallet A feeling of size that can hold a smartphone and small items It also has a card slot and a zipper pocket that can hold bills, so you can go out with just this one.It is also convenient as a travel wallet.

OffWhite Smartphone pouch



A neck pouch with an industrial belt strap that can hold a smartphone and a card, making it a convenient item for everyday use.

OffWhite Smartphone case

¥31,900 → 20,800 34% OFF


Industrial belt strap case for iPhone 12 mini with arrow print

There are only a few items in stock for each item, so if you are interested, we recommend checking early.

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