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Get 10% off coupon and 1000 points for the first time when you sing up our shop

Point service start campaign held!

Shop point function released! For existing members, when you log in to the site & register as a new member, you will receive a 1000P gift 🎁 In addition, there is an additional benefit ⚡ for those who have purchased so far.

We have released the shop point function. From today, 3% or 6% of the purchase amount will be returned as points (valid for 365 days).
Along with the release, we will present the following three benefits.

1. All members will receive 1000P💴 (1P = 1 yen) when they log in to the site or register as a new member.

2. Members and email subscribers who have purchased so far will be given the following privilege points in order according to the cumulative purchase amount . Membership registration/login is required for granting.

Bonus points according to total purchase amount

50,000 to 99,999 yen = 1000 points

100,000 to 149,999 yen = 1500 points

150,000 to 199,999 yen = 2000 points

200,000~ = 3000 points

Conditions for granting reward points

You must be logged in to receive it. Therefore, we will set up a re-login period until 23:59 on August 14th . If you are an email subscriber, you can also give points if you register as a member, so please register for this opportunity.

Timing of granting bonus points

Reward points will be granted within 2 days after confirming your login. If you cannot confirm the grant, please contact LINE on the bottom left, chat on the bottom right, or contact support, or contact the shop email address customercare@dot-bianco.tokyo. Please contact us with your name. Points will be awarded promptly.

3. Customers with a total purchase amount of over 100,000 yen from 2022/01/01 will be immediately ranked GOLD and the return rate will be 6% .

Customers with a total purchase amount of over 100,000 yen from 2022 to the present will be ranked GOLD when they log in, and the point return rate will be 6%.

Login/Register Now

Please check the following page for more detailed information about the point function.

Details of the point function

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