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Recommended Sale Items Prada Edition

Of course PRADA is also on sale Recommended items are here

Introducing Prada's recommended sale items.

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¥319,000 → ¥165,000 48% OFF

Off shoulder puffer jacket. A simple item that can be used in spring, autumn and winter.
The simple design of Prada is a brand that can be used beyond the collection.

¥286,000 → ¥210,000 26% OFF

A mini tote bag type shoulder bag that has not yet been developed in Japan.

¥99,000 → ¥59,000 40% OFF

Prada T-shirt with nylon pouch on the sleeve Prada tops are becoming a must-have item among fashionable girls.

¥68,200 → ¥49,800 26% OFF

A simple black T-shirt with a nylon breast pocket is a stylish item.

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