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Get 10% off coupon and 1000 points for the first time when you sing up our shop

Smartpay introduction campaign 2nd! 5000 yen OFF coupon is being issued! Can be used in conjunction with shop points

If you use smartpay, you can pay in 3 installments with no fees. A 5000 yen OFF coupon is being distributed to the first 14 people!

This is the second installment of the smartpay introduction campaign for the deferred payment service introduced previously.

smartpay can be used free of charge in 3 installments. Previously, we only supported withdrawals and withdrawals from credit cards, but now we also support withdrawals from bank accounts. There are no split fees and no late fees. You can manage when your payments are due and the payment status all in the app. You can easily pay in advance from the app when you can afford it.

The mechanism is simple and clear. As shown in the image below, if you use smartpay when shopping, 1/3 of the total payment will be settled by credit card on the day of payment. After one month, 1/3 of the amount will be paid by credit card, and after another month, 1/3 will be paid by credit card. Therefore, the payment will be made on the billing date of the card, so it is possible to shift each payment by about 1 to 2 months. If the bank account can be linked, automatic withdrawal will be implemented.

smartpay 3 installments with no installment fees

If you want it right away but can't afford it now, smartpay can easily solve that problem. Furthermore, expensive fees such as revolving payments will not be taken.

It is precisely because of technology that this can be done free of charge. In fact, the payment fee of this shop is the profit of smartpay, so please be assured that it is not a suspicious service that you do not know the actual situation. A completely new payment service funded by SMBC Venture Capital.

As part of the smartpay introduction campaign, we will distribute a promotional code worth 5,000 yen to the first 14 people! Shop coupons and points can be used together to make your shopping even more profitable.

In commemoration of the introduction of smartpay, a 5000 yen promotional code that can be used in conjunction with shop coupons and points that can be used with smartpay customers who register as a member and can be used for payments of 50,000 yen or more.


are handing out. You can copy immediately by pressing the copy button on the product page.

Use the 10% OFF coupon on the shop and get an additional 5,000 yen off on smartpay. Please refer to the following explanation for how to register and use smartpay. Once registered, there is no need for troublesome input.
This code can only be used once per person and can only be used for shopping in our shop. If you enter the above code in the promo code entry field in step 8 below, you can save an additional 5,000 yen when shopping at our shop.

how to use smartpay

smartpay usage 2

smartpay usage 3

smartpay usage 4

If you want to know more about smartpay, please check the official website. Please take advantage of this opportunity to experience convenient and affordable shopping.

Click here for smatpay official

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